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Probate Law, Wills, and Trusts


Probate law is an important area for everyone with assets. The Law Offices of Jack P. Kaufman, P.C. will provide you with an asset protection plan which is tailor-made for your individual and unique situation. He will prepare a will, trust or customized asset protection plan to make sure your assets are smoothly transferred to the next generation. As your attorney, Jack Kaufman’s extensive experience in probate law will enable you to feel confident that your assets will be transferred smoothly to your heirs with a minimal amount of taxation. He maintains his expertise in probate law on a regular basis and is always up-to-date with the latest information to allow you to achieve your goals.


The Law Offices of Jack P. Kaufman, P.C. experience in probate law will assist you in:


Executing a general durable power of attorney (select someone to make financial decisions for you should you become unable to do so)

Executing a medical durable power of attorney (selecting a person to make medical decisions on your behalf)

Help you construct a living will.

Appoint a guardian for your children.

Resolve trust disputes.

Settle contested wills.


As you might imagine from the above, probate law is an extremely complicated but important field of law, involving many important life issues. Mistakes in this area can be devastating to you and your heirs. Let Jack Kaufman’s experience assist you in achieving your personal goals in this complex area of probate law. Stop by one of our Denver law offices, visit our contact page, or call (303) 297-0688 now and schedule your appointment.

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