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Criminal Defense


When it comes to criminal cases, an experienced and effective criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between a prison sentence and reduced or dismissed charges. If you have been accused of a crime you need an effective, competent and experienced criminal defense attorney. Jack Kaufman is a Denver-based criminal defense attorney dedicated to defending your rights, whether you have been accused of assault and battery, domestic violence, kidnapping or even homicide. He promises to work relentlessly to obtain the best possible outcome for your case.


The Law Offices of Jack P. Kaufman, P.C. are familiar with all aspects of criminal defense. He will perform a thorough investigation, verify that no criminal evidence against you was obtained illegally, and provide any necessary experts to help strengthen your defense. Jack Kaufman will interview all involved parties, including police and witnesses to expose false information against you and will negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to obtain the minimum penalty for you.


Jack is dedicated to the presumption of your innocence and promises to represent you in the best possible manner. He will work tirelessly to protect you and your rights and provide you with the best possible criminal defense.


The Law Offices of Jack P. Kaufman, P.C. are experts in all types of criminal defense including:


Assault and Battery

Theft and Burglary


Criminal trespass

Destruction of property

Drug crimes

Domestic violence


Traffic tickets

Juvenile criminal law



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